GeoKnowledge Project Begins


Welcome to the blog for the JISC funded Open Educational Resources (OER) Rapid Innovation Project called Breaking Down Barriers: Building a GeoKnowledge Community with Open Educational Resources (OER).

Who is Involved?

This project is led by Mimas at the University of Manchester with Landmap and Jorum working together to host geospatial e-learning content using DSpace. The geospatial e-learning content originates from the outputs of a partnership project with Mimas and The University of Nottingham Geospatial Institute called E-Learning for the Open Geospatial Community (ELOGeo). The e-learning content within the Landmap Learning Zone has been sourced from geospatial companies and members of the academic community.

Project Aim and Objectives

The project aim is to use the Landmap and Jorum infrastructure to facilitate the sharing of OER in the geospatial community for a wide audience (researchers, students, local councils, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), industry). The objectives are:

  • To open-up 50% of the Landmap Learning Zone by relicensing e-learning materials using Creative Commons BY-NC-SA (as already agreed by the authors of the content)
  • In Jorum create a special GeoKnowledge Community repository using the DSpace API providing access to ELOGeo content (Figure 1).

Building a GeoKnowledge Community at MimasFigure 1. Building a GeoKnowledge Community at Mimas

Follow project developments @Landmap search #GeoKnowledge


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