Project Plan

Thought it was time for a project update by providing you with a plan for project outputs that have already been achieved over the past couple of months and the planned project outputs for the forthcoming months:


April 2012

  • Confirmed the re-licensing of 8 Learning Zone courses to Creative Commons
  • ELOGeo content migration successfully transferred from Nottingham to Mimas
  • Abstract submitted to the INSPIRE 2012 Conference
  • Submit abstract for RSPSoc Annual Conference 2012, University of Greenwich
  • Checked that graphic design requirements for the DSpace ELOGeo interface have been fulfilled with the DSpace developers

May 2012

  • Started consultation with Zumm (web consultancy) regarding the restructuring of the Learning Zone landing page for the Landmap website (incorporating the ELOGeo and OER)
  • Abstract accepted for INSPIRE 2012 Conference and asked to do a lightening talk at the Geoforum 2012
  • Development of an online survey to ask the geospatial community about the barriers of contributing OER and the benefits of providing OER

June 2012

  • Appoint a developer to replace Bharti Gupta for the DSpace development work within Jorum
  • Poster presentation at INSPIRE 2012 showcasing Landmap, Jorum and ELOGeo on iPad (23/06/12 – 27/06/12)
  • Lightening talk at Geoforum 2012 (20/06/12)
  • Provide Zumm with a wireframe for the Learning Zone landing page redesign incorporating the new OER, ELOGeo repository and Spatial Science for Schools

July 2012

  • Arrange with RSPSoc organisers to do a short usability study as part of the Landmap workshops at the event (to get user feedback about the Learning Zone and ELOGeo repository embedded in Jorum) confirm dates for this.
  • Appoint a developer to do the DSpace work for the project  – begin to build the ELOGeo interface within Jorum for the GeoKnowledge Community
  • Collate any feedback from the community from the June outreach events.

August 2012

  • Release the OER for the Learning Zone (8 courses) with new Learning Zone landing page
  • Release the new Landmap – Spatial Science for Schools OER to increase usage of the project outputs of the FIS Project (partnership project withthe University of Bonn and the German Space Agency DLR)
  • Testing of the ELOGeo repository in Jorum checking search functionality etc.

September 2012

  • Launch ELOGeo repository hosted by Jorum and link to Learning Zone landing page
  • Promote at RSPSoc Annual Conference (12/09/12 – 14/09/12) via conference stand and oral presentation (if abstract accepted)
  • Run usability study as part of Landmap workshop at the RSPSoc conference
  • Write a report to summarise project outputs and findings of the online survey/ usability study

Any new work will be posted on the blog including photos from the outreach events.


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