Launch of the enhanced Learning Zone

The 29th August 2012 marked the launched of the enhanced Landmap Learning Zone providing a hub of e-learning resources:

Enhanced Learning Zone

Highlights the four new sections of the Landmap Learning Zone.

Open Educational Resources: Provides courses on image processing, classification methods and the use of spatial data for a wide range of applications. These courses are authored by academics and the commercial sector and are provided free-of-charge to the global geospatial community. (Relicensed as CC BY-NC-SA as part of the JISC Rapid Innovations Project).

Protected Educational Resources: Provides courses on aerial photography, 3D modelling, LiDAR, landuse mapping and UKMap for registered users of Landmap (UK academic community only).

ELOGeo: Provides a repository for the global geospatial community for materials covering the themes of geospatial open data, open software and open standards. Students, researchers and lecturers are all welcome to contribute content to this repository to facilitate sharing of GeoKnowledge in the wider community. (The ELOGeo repository will be provided soon through Jorum).

Spatial Science for Schools: A range of tutorials aimed at 9 – 18 years to encourage the use of remote sensing in Geography, Biology, Mathematics, Geomatics and Physics. Tutorials were authored as part of the FIS Project (University of Bonn) and are funded by the DLR German Aerospace Centre and Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Germany.

Spatial Science for Schools

See the world as you have never seen it before. Using exciting information from satellites and Google Earth.