Customising the DSpace front page

A new installation of DSpace and the XMLUI interface has a default front page containing information about DSpace. It is intended that this be replaced with a description of the actual repository. It is necessary to customise the front page news item and the default static text throughout the repository.

DSpace front page

The front page is configured as an XML file. The XML is similar to XHTML in some respects but the use of HTML tags is inconsistent. This data in this file is compiled into the DSpace web application during the build process. Most web browsers will attempt to format even bad XHTML, however DSpace does not use the file as XHTML but parses it as XML. This process requires correctly formatted XML. Should it be invalid XML such as missing closing <p> tags, the parser will silently fail and all the content will be ignored.

Although some XHTML markup works as expected, links as anchor (<a>) tags are not used. To include links, the following markup must be used:

<xref target=””>My University</xref>

The front page XML file is stored at:

[DSpace working directory]/config/news-xmlui.xml

Which needs to be copied back to:

[DSpace release directory]/dspace/config

Repository front page

Front page news item and message text configuration

DSpace default text

The DSpace application interface is built using a default list of text fragments stored in a resource file as constants. Our design incorporated the use of the repository name ELOGeo as opposed to the generic DSpace repository.

The XML configuration file is found in the following location.

[DSpace working folder]/webapps/xmlui/i18n/messages.xml

DSpace will need to be rebuilt for changes to take effect so the edited file must also be copied back to the source location at: [DSpace source directory]/dspace-xmlui/dspace-xmlui-webapp/src/main/webapp/i18n.

As with the Repository theme and asset files, we copied the messages.xml file from the source instance of DSpace.

One of the recurrent findings with this project is that we know what we want to change and we know how to change it – using images, CSS and XSL. The problem is finding where in DSpace we need to change files. Because DSpace sometimes needs to be rebuilt, we must also remember to copy back changes to the source code and the locations in the source are sometimes not the same as in the web application output.


2 thoughts on “Customising the DSpace front page

  1. I am working on DSpace 4.2 when I open config file for customization it shows’error opening directory /home/dspace/config’: permission denined. but previous version i.e. 1.8 opening without any error. what is reason for it. please guide me.
    Thank You

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